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Kinnimo Lice Fairy Claw Clip - 2 PIECES - Hair Accessory with Rosemary Oil Protecting Your Child from Head Lice

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The preventive treatment contains a lasting scented polymer, which allows the products, hair accessories, to be completely effective for 30 days, from the moment the sealed bag is opened. After years of study and research, Kinnimo has succeeded in developing a treatment based on a scented polymer that effectively repels head lice. The unique formula is based on rosemary oil essence, which gives off a soft and pleasant long-lasting scent. Its effectiveness lasts for 30 days. Its composition is based mainly on a natural ingredient: rosemary. All Kinnimo products are safe to use for all ages. Natural. Non-toxic.

Made from scented polymer with Rosemary Oil

Non-toxic, safe for all ages

30 days - period to prevent head lice!

SKU: 0652217038637

Category: Head Lice

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Brand: Kinnimo

Format: 0652217038637

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