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Hair Max - Laser Combs for Your Hair Growth

Hair Max - Laser Combs for Your Hair Growth

HairMax laser devices have been clinically proven to effectively and safely treat pattern hair loss and promote hair growth. This technology is based on the principles of laser phototherapy.

HairMax® laser devices generate a low-level cold red beam — LLLT (low-level laser therapy) technology — which effectively restores your natural growth cycle and regrow hair by stimulating the scalp.

Ultima 9Ultima 12LaserBand 41LaserBand 82

  • Laser Light

  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Awakens hair follicles
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Raises ATP production in scalp cells.
  • Causes a biostimulating effect, used in phototherapy.
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Increases the density, thickness and fullness
  • Revitalizes damaged hair
  • Reverse thinning process

Using this comb you can slow down the hair loss process and stimulate the growth of new hair. Your hair will thicken, strengthen and become healthier with better quality.

HairMax® laser devices energize and stimulate hair follicles in every phase of the hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: Growth (Anagen), Resting (Telogen) and Transition (Catagen).

  • The Anagen Phase (1 phase) is the growing period of a hair follicle. HairMax® stimulates cell proliferation enabling it to enter the growth phase and rapidly reproduce new cells to grow new hair. Prevents the process of hair thinning by stimulating the hair follicle and thus contributes to the formation of living cells in the bulbs. Increases the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which provides energy to the hair follicle by helping to increase blood circulation.
  • The Catagen Phase (2 Phase) is the intermediate period of hair growth. HairMax® LaserComb & LaserBand stimulate the root to create new healthy hairs.
  • Lastly, the Telogen Phase (3 Phase), a resting phase when your hair is released and falls out.  HairMax® laser therapy can help promote hair growth.

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